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Compost Fair & Education Day

Saturday, July 28th 10:00am-2:00pm 

Inspired by CCE Tompkins County’s Compost Fair, the Schenectady County Recycles Compost Fair  will be a celebration of all things related to the science of soil, soil conservation, and backyard composting! The Compost Fair will take place at the Sustainable Living Center, 180 PTL Arthur Chaires Lane in Schenectady's Central Park. 

Admission to the Compost Fair will be free and open to the public.

Mark your calendar because you do not want to miss this one-day-only festival celebrating environmental sustainability! 

Compost Fair Attractions

Visit environmental education booths-for all ages! 

  • Composting Demonstrations led by CCE Master Composters
  • Ask a Master Gardener Booth + Soil Testing by Master Gardeners 
  • Fresh Food Farm Stand by CCE Roots & Wisdom program 
  • Enter to win special Raffle Prizes courtesy of Friends of the Greenhouse
  • Compost Games hosted by Food Scraps 360 and Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Committee's Recycling Team
  • Composting/Gardening Book Sale hosted by Friends of the Schenectady County Library  
  • Visit our wacky worm Photo Booth 
  • Learn about reducing wasted food, backyard composting, and how to use finished compost
  • And much more!!!  

Enjoy Free, Soil Science Themed Live Entertainment

  • Check back soon for more updates on free, live entertainment at the Compost Fair 

Sign-Up for Workshops at the Compost Fair

  • Bokashi Composting for Beginners

Bokashi is an indoor, fermentation method of composting, and is a great addition to any composting system. Bokashi composting is a way of breaking down those hard to compost food scraps like meat and dairy products- the end result can be added to your compost pile. $5 class fee for lecture by Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Composter, with the option to add on a complete bokashi kit with bokashi mix for an additional $15

  • Vermicomposting for Beginners  

Vermicomposting is an indoor method of composting that uses worms to break down food scraps. Worms create compost (castings) that are very high in beneficial bacteria! Composting with worms is a great option for people who want to compost but don't have a lot of yard waste. Learn everything you need to know to maintain your new worm farm! $35 class fee includes lecture by Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Composter, complete "ready to go" flow-through composting bin, and 1 lb of Red Wiggler worms. 

Class size is limited. Reserve your seat by completing the Pre-Order Form below and mailing it to the CCE offices with class fee.

Pre-Order Compost Bins & Composting Supplies

March through June, you can sign-up to order a GEOBIN backyard composting bin (Our Price $32.00) and/or sign up to order a  2 gallon kitchen food scrap collection containers by NOVA products (Our Price $6.50).

Pre-Order Form Worksheet

Pre-order sale

We've chosen the GEOBIN because of their great design, ease of use, and affordability. The GEOBIN features a well-ventilated design that makes composting very easy - your purchase of the GEOBIN includes a free composting demonstration the day of the Compost Fair ~  The GEOBIN is easily expandable to suit your waste stream, you can continue to add to your compost pile as material becomes available for composting - it's very easy to expand the GEOBIN up to four feet wide! The GEOBIN is made in the U.S.A.  Order through the Compost Fair and save! Learn more here 

The kitchen food scrap collection container made by NOVA products is a necessity for every composter!  These containers are great for storing food scraps discretely under the sink, during meal prep throughout the week. These containers are easy to clean (and dishwasher safe), easy to transport to your compost pile, and feature a tight sealing lid to prevent odors in the kitchen. Order through the Compost Fair and save! Learn More here 

Place your order using the worksheet below and send with payment to the CCE,SC office before June 20th. Pick up your order at the Compost Fair Saturday July 28th

Pre-Order Form Worksheet


Angelina Peone
Recycling & Composting Educator
518-372-1622 ext. 264

Last updated October 19, 2021