Interested in Starting a 4-H Club?

Congratulations on considering becoming a 4-H leader! Being a 4-H leader is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences with youth. Here are the steps you need to complete to begin a 4-H club! 

1) Have an open heart and mind. 

2) Be a safe adult who kids can trust. 

2) Contact your local 4-H educator. In Schenectady, that is Rachel Lee her email is and her phone number is (518) 372-1622. She is happy to help at any step of the process!

3) Fill out our adult volunteer background check form:4-H_volunteer_forms_(1).docx and return it to Rachel at 107 Nott Terrace, Suite 301, Schenectady, NY 12308.

*Once you have passed your background check*

4) Find some interested kids, these kids could be your children, children from your neighborhood, school or house of worship. 

5)Enroll the youth in 4-H using our youth enrollment forms:4-H_Member_Enrollment_paperwork.docx  and  fill out a club charter request form:4-H_Club_Charter_Request_Form.docx and a group enrollment form:4-H_Group_Enrollment_Form.docx to make an official 4-H club. 

6) Have any other adults who volunteer with the club fill out their own 4-H adult volunteer forms:


7) You are now an official 4-H club! Remember that 4-H staff are always available for any issues that may arise and for advice. 


Rachel Lee
Youth Program Coordinator
(518)372-1622 ex:261

Last updated July 26, 2019