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4-H Shooting Sports

New York State 4-H Shooting Sports is part of the 4-H Natural Resources Program. Human growth and development is the primary goal of our programming. With an emphasis on maximum safety and the most responsible use of firearms and archery equipment, youth participants have the opportunity to gain both vocational training aspects and garner life-long recreational skills.

The New York State 4-H Shooting Sports program fosters responsibility and helps youth acquire and enhance knowledge, skills and abilities. 4-H Shooting Sports also seeks to develop social skills and leadership techniques while providing a broad range of opportunities for community service. 


Certified Volunteer Instructors supervise each 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Many of our Instructors hold dual certification through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the NRA and/or the National Muzzleloaders Association.

SAFETY is always our primary concern. Youth and adults are trained to know and to adhere to the Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety.

KNOWLEDGE about firearms, archery equipment and natural environment components is featured as Volunteer Instructors share years of experience.

SKILLS are developed under the watchful eyes of our Instructors. Youth learn new skills as well as continue to improve and practice skill techniques.

UNDERSTANDING, through education, is the key element of the 4-H Shooting Sports program as both youth and adults learn about their rights, responsibilities and the role they play in the natural environment.

CCE Schenectady will be offering a Shooting Sports Program this summer that will include both a 6 week Firearms Class for youth ages 12 and up and an Archery Class for Youth 8 and up.  For more information, go to the calendar of events.  Registration forms are available under resources on this website as well as from the 4-H Office.

Last updated May 12, 2016