Recycling Guides

Cornell Cooperative Extension offers resources for both teachers and students to learn about recycling, composting, and waste reduction. CCE staff can interact with your school in a number of ways by conducting large assemblies, classroom lectures and presentations, table-top demonstrations at school events, and by offering resources and guidance on promoting waste reduction in your school. 

Do you want to improve the recycling program at your school? 

We can help! Our Guide for Schools is a great place to start thinking about how your school can benefit from waste reduction. Print our easy to understand step-by-step guide to assessing and addressing your school's recycling program.   Visit some of the Helpful Links listed on this page. 







The New York State Association for Reduction, ReUse, and Recycling has a Green School Grant Program open for public and private schools grades K-12. Your school could become eligible for up to $500 in funds to help establish or support a recycling or composting program! Awards are given twice yearly. These grants are competitive, so ingenuity and initiative is key to conceptualizing your grant proposal. 

Fall 2018 APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON October 31

Helpful Links & Resources for Teachers 

Cornell WM Institute // Composting in Schools

Cornell WM Institute // Compost in the Classroom Curriculum

Cornell WM Institute // Trash Goes To School

Cornell WM Institute // Composting in the Classroom: A Scientific Guide for High School Students 

CWMI // Spanish Educational Materials 

NYS DEC // Green Schools

NYS DEC // Resource Book for Schools

NYS DEC // Resource Book for Colleges

NYS DEC // Recycling Facts Brochure 

NERC // Paper Use Reduction in Schools

NERC // Composting at School

NERC // Implementing a Successful Green School Program

NERC // Resource Page for Schools 

NYSAR3 // Grant Program for NY Colleges 

USDA // Food Waste Challenge 

US Composting Council // Teachers & Students Resource Page  

Smarter Lunchrooms Movement // Measuring Cafeteria Tray Waste 

Last updated February 18, 2022